Asher Milton was a typical 5-year-old. He loved playing. Making rude noises was the funniest thing ever, and creating his own adventures was way more fun than learning his numbers.

One night, something completely unexpected happened as he lay in bed.

A splash of water hit his face and woke him. Looking around, he saw a giant shark swimming around his bedroom!

Asher screamed.


Then hid under his blankets.

He counted to 10. Then peeked over the edge of his blanket. He stared at the shark. The shark grinned back.

With a flip of its tail, the shark sent more water into Asher’s face, then swam off to explore the bookshelf.

Asher wanted to call his Mum and Dad to save him. But the shark might chase them away. It was up to him to save his whole family.

Asher got up, stood on his bed and looked for a way to defend himself. He found a plastic pirate sword and grabbed it.

Asher leapt off the bed screaming:


Asher chased the shark out of his bedroom. He tried hard but couldn’t catch it. He jumped on it, landing on its back, but it flicked him onto the carpet and swam towards his parents’ room, evading him easily!

He raced after it dodging furniture and weaving through doorways.

His parents were woken by the CRASHING and BANGING. They came out to see what was happening. They were very scared and grabbed tightly to each other.

ARRRRGHHHHHH, they screamed.

 Asher ran past, waving his plastic sword.

‘I’ll protect you,’ he shouted.

The shark swam into the kitchen, and Asher trapped it by standing at the door. The shark snapped its big toothy jaws at Asher, swimming towards him, but Asher threw a caramel he got out of his pyjama pocket into the shark’s mouth.

The shark swallowed it and quickly looked for more.

Asher lured the shark out the front door throwing caramels into the shark’s mouth.

The last caramel he threw out the front door, and when the shark darted off after it, he slammed the door closed.

His parents ran over, hugged him, and thanked him for saving them from the shark.

The next day, Asher told his friends at school all about the great shark hunt.

Everyone was amazed, except for Cindy Seaver, who said Asher had had a dream.

But Asher knew better.

His mum had told him he was a hero!

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