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Turn & Peep

Alexander Ashdowne led a charmed life at Rose Lawn Farm with his parents until their deaths in a boating accident. Alexander’s life is turned upside down when his Aunt Harriet and twin cousins, Benedict and Valencia, arrive at the farm and announce they are moving in to ‘take care of him.’

Ash finds himself turned into a slave, and it’s only the arrival of the weird Martins that provides him with any respite. When the Crown Prince of the House of Hirschfeld announces a grand ball Aunt Harriet, and her twins rush away to the capital, leaving Ash behind. It’s during this time Ash meets the enigmatic Duke of Wasfeld, Sir Phillip and soon finds himself falling in love.

As the Crown Prince’s grand ball comes closer, the village of Upper Sansby North puts on a grand tourney to celebrate, and Ash finds himself working with the Martins on their food stall. Unfortunately, he also finds himself being returned to his Aunt’s care. A near-fatal accident brings the Martins into the fold and allows Ash to sneak away to the grand ball, where he meets the Crown Prince, and the echos of long-ago magic bring the two young men together.

Fleeing the ball at midnight, all that remains is a black mask made of starlight and shadow, and the Prince sets out to find his lost love while Alexander fights for his life when forbidden magic is uncovered, and his aunt and cousins decide he has outlived his usefulness.

Turn & Peep is an MM Romance for readers of all ages and genders and will be available in April/May of 2023.

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